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DALTERIO event technology
Weitzesweg 7
61118 Bad Vilbel
Tel .: 06101/537620
Fax: 06101/537622
Mobile: 0173/9552095

About Jo:


He is practically a family member and has been part of the NIGHT FEVER FAMILY for 5 years.

He sets the tone at NIGHT FEVER and has become indispensable as a person and friend of the band.


Light design

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Event service Böhm

Cable line 7th
63303 Dreieich
Tel .: 06101/537620
Fax: 06101/537622
Mobile: 0173/9552095


About Konni:


His vocation is to round off the concert feeling for the audience with the development of lighting designs and content distributions.

Konni came to Night Fever with his perfectionist manner and has been an integral part of it since 2015. It tells who the lights go on.


Porträt GREGOR.jpg
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About Gregor:


Backliner, DrumTech & Drummer with passion.


He makes sure that everything works behind the stage

and is the "good guy" of the band

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